Services Question 7

Will you raise taxes as needed in order to meet the unmet and emerging needs of our increasingly complex city (i.e. housing, transit, social services)?

Name Answer Running for Ward
Raylene Lang-Dion Candidate declined to answer Councillor Alta Vista
Mike McHarg Yes Councillor Alta Vista
Clinton Cowan Yes Councillor Alta Vista
Kevin Kit Candidate declined to answer Councillor Alta Vista
Franklin Epape No Councillor Barrhaven
Theresa Kavanagh Yes Councillor Bay
Marc Lugert No Councillor Bay
Erica Dath Candidate declined to answer Councillor Bay
Trevor Robinson Candidate declined to answer Councillor Bay
Don Dransfield No Councillor Bay
David Chernushenko Yes Councillor Capital
Anthony Carricato No Councillor Capital
Christine McAllister Candidate declined to answer Councillor Capital
Shawn Menard Yes Councillor Capital
Craig MacAulay Yes Mayor City Wide (Mayoral)
Ahmed Bouragba No Mayor City Wide (Mayoral)
Joey Drouin Yes Mayor City Wide (Mayoral)
Moises Schachtler Yes Mayor City Wide (Mayoral)
Michael Pastien Yes Mayor City Wide (Mayoral)
Ryan Kennery Yes Councillor College
Emilie Coyle Yes Councillor College
Cameron Jette Yes Councillor Cumberland
Alek Golijanin Yes Councillor Gloucester-Southgate
Perry Sabourin No Councillor Gloucester-Southgate
Sam Soucy Yes Councillor Gloucester-Southgate
Tammy Lynch Candidate declined to answer Councillor Innes
Daniel Stringer Yes Councillor Kitchissippi
Jeff Leiper Yes Councillor Kitchissippi
Lorne Neufeldt Yes Councillor Kanata North
Philip Bloedow Yes Councillor Kanata North
Luigi Mangone Yes Councillor Knoxdale-Merivale
Keith Egli Candidate declined to answer Councillor Knoxdale-Merivale
Douglas Large Yes Councillor Kanata South
Steve Anderson Yes Councillor Kanata South
Irene Mei No Councillor Gloucester-South Nepean
Harpreet Singh No Councillor Gloucester-South Nepean
Geoffrey Nicholas Griplas Yes Mayor Orléans
Guy Desroches Yes Councillor Orléans
Don Yetman No Councillor Orléans
Mireille Brownhill Yes Councillor Orléans
Miranda Gray Yes Councillor Orléans
Jarrod Goldsmith No Councillor Orléans
Catherine Kitts Yes Councillor Orléans
Dina Epale Yes Councillor Orléans
Matthew Luloff Yes Councillor Orléans
Qamar Masood No Councillor Orléans
Auguste Banfalvi Yes Councillor Osgoode
Kim Sheldrick Yes Councillor Osgoode
Kerri Keith No Councillor River
Riley Brockington Yes Councillor River
Tobi Nussbaum Candidate declined to answer Councillor Rideau-Rockcliffe
Shad Qadri No Councillor Stittsville-Kanata West
Catherine McKenney Yes Councillor Somerset
Arthur David No Councillor Somerset
Jerry Kovacs Candidate declined to answer Councillor Somerset
Matt Lowe No Councillor Rideau-Vanier
Mathieu Fleury Yes Councillor Rideau-Vanier
Thierry Harris Yes Councillor Rideau-Vanier
Judi Varga-Toth No Councillor West Carleton March