IT'S TIME for everyone to have an affordable, safe place to live.
Why It Matters: 
  • Communities are strong when everyone has a place to live.
  • Housing is a basic need that has an impact on quality of life and affects people’s ability to secure employment, be involved in their community, and build better lives.
  • All other needs depend on having safe and affordable housing.
We Believe That: 
  • Ottawa residents shouldn’t have to choose between paying for housing and buying food and medicine.
  • Children deserve to have a stable home, giving them the opportunity to succeed in school and life.
  • Every Ottawa resident deserves to have a safe, decent place to live so that they can build better lives.
But the Reality Is Troubling: 
  • In Ottawa Over 10,000 households are on the social housing waiting list, with a wait time up to 5 years.
  • The average length of stay in an Ottawa shelter is 77 days in 2014.
  • Individuals with mental health challenges are more likely to have inadequate housing or risk homelessness, meanwhile poor mental health can be worsened by not having adequate housing.
Questions to Ask: 
  • What will you do to increase the supply of affordable rental housing across the country?
  • Moving forward, will you commit to retain current levels of annual investment - $1.7 billion - in order to sustain and create new affordable housing?
  • Will you support a National Housing Strategy with federal funding that recognizes the right to adequate housing?