Election 2015


Great works have been done by Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres (CHRC), City for All Women Initiative (CAWI), our community partners, residents and women leaders to engage and empower residents of low-income neighbourhoods in 2015 federal election:

  • Neighbourhood planning meetings were held
  • Information tables were set up to display election tools
  • Making Votes Count Cafés facilitated across Ottawa
  • Residents attended All Candidates Debates
  • Residents met with candidates in their ridings
  • Women leaders worked the polling stations
  • Shelters were visited on the Election Day to encourage homeless voting 

To celebrate voter turnout

  • Ottawa had the highest voter turnout in the country.
  • An 8% increase from 70% of eligible voters voting in 2011 to 78% voting in this federal election.
  • The riding of Ottawa-Centre, where three Community Health Centres worked with residents to increase voter turnout, had the highest voter turnout in the entire country.

To make your views known

  • Together, with so many others, you made the difference in voter turnout.
  • Now the people elected are realizing how important it is to listen to all of us.
  • In the coming months, we will build upon this momentum to inform City Councillors as to what we want to see in the city budget and issues that matter to our communities.

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