1.5.3 The Deputation – What To Cover

  • Be sure to double-space your text, use a clear and easy-to-read font, and number your pages.
  • Date and Committee Name (for tracking purposes)
  • Address the Committee and thank the comm ittee for allowing you to come before them.
    • For example: “Good afternoon madam chair. Before I start I would like to thank you for this opportunity to address the Committee” OR
    • “I would like to thank members of the Standing Committee for this opportunity to speak before you on this very important issue”
  • Introduce yourself and your organization (if applicable) – keep it brief.
  • Clearly state the issue you are addressing.
  • Tell them why it is important.
  • Give examples of the problem and/or solution.
  • Tell them what you want them to do and when.
  • Tell them again, why it is important.
  • Thank them and tell them you will be watching and waiting!
  • And have fun!

Adapted from materials produced by the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare