1.5.5 Talking To City Staff

City staff manage the operations of the city and present reports to Council to receive direction. They follow the strategic plan as set by Council for each term of Council. In consulting with the public, they are to follow the principles of the City’s Public Engagement Strategy and apply the Equity and Inclusion Lens to all aspects of their work.

City staff working on a specific issue or report for Council can be contacted to provide information.

It is important to know that you can:

  • Organize a vigil or protest outside of City Hall to make your views known to staff and the Mayor and/or councillors.
  • You may invite supportive councillors to join you and perhaps speak on the issue.
  • Attend City Council meetings wearing a symbol and/ or color to make your group visible. Inform the press
  • and the Mayor and/or councillors of your symbol.
  • Tweet to Council during the meeting on issues that are being discussed


However, you are not allowed to:

  • Walk into City Hall with a protest sign
  • Make loud noises at City Council meetings
  • Present a deputation at City Council meetings